Lot # 11: Original Box of 12 High Grade 1894 Ocobo Gutta Percha Golf Balls

Category: Golf Balls

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Ben Hogan

Every once in a while, an item is discovered that drives the collector community into a frenzy. And that happened when this complete box of a dozen Ocobo gutta percha golf balls surfaced in 2012. 

These pre-1900 gutta percha golf balls have always been highly sought-after in any condition, with average examples worth over $1,200 and prime examples fetching $1,500 to $2,000 each. But until this item surfaced, a complete box is something we never thought would still exist 120 years after it was first produced.

This is an entire box of gem mint Ocobo gutties from 1894! The box itself shows some wear, and has a side panel that is separated, but take a look at the balls that have been perfectly preserved inside! These 125 year old golf balls are so flawless that they literally look like they were produced yesterday. This collection is simply unimprovable; these balls are surely among the finest gutta percha examples in the hobby.