Lot # 52: 1932 Olympic Games Glenna Collett Bronze

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Ben Hogan

Offered here is the 1932 Olympic Games of Glenna Collett. 

The Summer Olympic Games are the foremost athletic event in the entire world. While most Americans can surely name many of the events that currently make up the Summer Games, we would venture to say that few of our collectors are aware that some early 1900s Olympiads even included Art Competitions as part of the Summer Games.

At the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, in addition to events such as Track & Field and Gymnastics, medals were also awarded in the Art Competition category. In the Art Competition, medals were awarded in five categories - architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture - for works inspired by sports related themes. 

The artist/sculptor Edwin Everett Codman submitted two bronzes into the Mixed Sclupture category - one of Bobby Jones and another of Glenna Collett. Offered here is one of those Glenna Collett bronze statues that was submitted for competition in the 1932 Olympic Games along with its companion piece, Bobby Jones, that is offered separately in this auction. The Collett bronze was also independently submitted into the overall Art category, the hors concours, so Codman himself must have seen it as the superior of the two bronzes. These bronzes, which depict Bobby Jones and Glenna Collett in putting poses, did not reach the medal podium. Based on the vast information available on the 1932 Olympic Games on www.sports-reference.com, we believe that this was the only golf-related entry into the 1932 Olympic Games. 

This original bronze is about 9" tall and each weigh approximately 6 pounds. Signed on the base by E. E. Codman, who is listed as an "athlete" in the 1932 Summer Olympic Games for his submission of these bronzes. 

Only a handful of these Codman bronzes appear to have been produced, as only a couple have ever surfaced.